I hate choice – I hate having to choose

  • Cereal, there should only be two major kinds of cereal. They should be very expensive, and small boxes should cost nearly as much as big ones. The most expensive ones should have the most raisins, honey, and those little sweet cluster thingies
  • I don’t know the first thing about cars. I don’t know a ‘chassis’ from an ‘engine’, or a steering wheel, from a rear-view mirror. That’s why, I prefer someone I don’t know, deciding what’s right for me. I guess I could go and ask a knowledgeable person I know some tips and pointers to buying a car, by why bother? Can’t I just as well trust a faceless corporation do decide honestly for me? Afterall, cars are what they know best. Shouldn’t they be able to select what’s best for me?
  • There should, at most, be 4 kinds of cars. But a variety of colours is important. You aren’t able to open the hood without written authorisation from the manufacturer, which means you can’t mod it yourself (unless you’re a pirate, then you just shake yer hook and be done with ’em)
  • Don’t even get me started on vocabulary. The less words to describe the same thing the better. I don’t want to have to “think” about which word to use. Using a thesaurus makes my eyes tiried. Why can’t I just be free and select the same word, time, after time, after time, if I so choose? In this way, I can’t be criticised for a limited vocabulary.
  • Shoes should come in only 3 flavours, and only from a single manufacturer. I don’t know the first thing about good shoes, i want the manufacturers to tell them the “truth”: “These are the shoes you need. They are the best shoes EVER. Even better than the other ones, which we also said were the BEST ever. They are still good, though, but these are ENHANCED, and they’re new, and we aren’t supporting your old ones, come 9 years.”
  • I don’t want to make decisions when I go shopping. Why are there so many damn supermarkets?
  • Do we really need so many chocolate bar types? I don’t want to choose. Can someone choose for me?
  • Just the other day, I had to stand there in front of the cooler at the store deciding which beverage flavour I wanted! Damn you! I only want to select FROM ONLY TWO beverages! And I don’t want to pick which TWO those might be
  • I’m sick of choosing which burger I want, and sick of choosing from which restaurant I want to buy it from.
  • I don’t like selecting from 5,000,000 ice cream flavours. KISS. Chocolate, Vanilla, and strawberry

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