zenphoto upgrades

I was initially having some issues doing an upgrade. It was, as it always seems to be, because I did not RTFM. Backup your MySQL database. Backup customised themes or plugins or any other files Delete the following files and folders: The zp-core folder The themes that were distributed with Zenphoto The files in theContinue reading

Amarok cannot connect to MySQL database

I deleted all instances of ‘amarok’ in $HOME/.kde4/share, and dropped the ‘amarokdb’ database, and dropped ‘amarokuser’, and re-created everything, but it still wouldn’t connect. It turns out the solution is simple. Just change the password in the Amarok settings page from ‘password’ to something else (e.g. ‘password123’). Change the ‘amarokuser’ password, too, in mysql. RestartContinue reading

aircrack-NG Intel PRO Wireless 3945 a/b/g SUPPORT!

Iwl3945 is the new driver for the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG wireless chipset. It includes new features like: Managed and monitor mode support in one driver Enhanced injection support Multiple interfaces on one device – use the aircrack suite on a monitor interface while remaining associated on a managed interface Full radiotap support, for both incomingContinue reading