Heading back in just a few weeks

I’m flying back to Brissy soon, it feels good. I miss so many people back ‘home’. Some I’ve spoken with many times since I came back to Canada, some only just a few. I appreciate the friends I have, and I’m thankful for them.

I have yet to meet many of my Canadian friends. Many Hamilton friends I have not yet seen, and long to see. I shall see them soon, with luck.

I have been enjoying this time off very much. I have done nothing but slack off, eat like crap, sleep in ’till noon everyday, go out with friends, watch movies, go to bars, go to cottage. No snow shoveling, no work, no classes, no trips to grocery store. Just bliss.

I have enjoyed my time here, but I miss Brissy. It will be good to be back — warm too! 😉

Update from Great White North 2010

I have been very much enjoying my time with family and friends. Only a few friends I have not yet seen. One has moved somewhat far, and I haven’t seen him in several years. He got married, and now has a new baby daughter. I’d like to see them perhaps on Sunday.

I’ve been keeping very busy, haven’t fully optimised my available time, but I’m fine with that. Planning isn’t really my strong point. I haven’t been studying C++ like I said I would, nor touched PHP. A few rounds of poker have stimulated me, winning +$50 the first night, and +$25 the second (.25/.50 NL cash 10 players).

I have just 5 weeks to go. A trip to the cottage starts Tuesday, until Saturday. But sister and her fiancé won’t arrive until Friday (night) and so Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (and a part of Friday) will be reading books and watching movies (as if I haven’t done enough of that…)

I hope I can get my job back when I return to Brisbane. In the worst case, I can apply to work at QUT helpdesk, but I don’t want to push trolleys up and down delivering student assignments (for less pay).

I miss so many people back in Australia. This is a good thing, it’s good to miss people I care about, and good to be missed back.