Taco Night

Ground turkey, green capsicums (green peppers in Aussie), tomatoes, cheese (in slices, not grater), tortillas (on sale). Probably the most delicious tacos I’ve had in a very long while. Took a while to clean up the dishes, but I felt as though I was home again. This time, though, there wasn’t anyone to join meContinue reading

Three months

I’ve officially been in Brisbane three months. This will be short post to keep my appreciative fans happy. I’m studying full time at Queensland university of Technology in Brisbane. Taking Computer Forensics, Cryptology and Algorithms, I.T. Project Management, and Information Security. The courses are all challenging, and interesting, and homework is beginning to pile up.Continue reading

Neat facts about major cities in Australia

If anybody reading this has been curious of macro-meteorological medians (average climates and temperatures) visit ACU. They have interesting facts which I never knew, like: Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and dry, mild winters. The city’s highest recorded temperature was 43.2°C on the 26 January 1940 and its coldest wasContinue reading