Regular Expression

Previously we have an example on regular expression, but It doesn’t shows the power of square brackets ( [ ] ) Let say you want to search for string fprintf, vprintf and sprintf using grep, usually what you do is egrep “fprintf|vprintf|sprintf” *.c You may be ask why don’t just uses the word “printf”? IfContinue reading

Google public DNS servers launched

Today, Google has announced the launch of their free DNS resolution service. Many ISPs and 3rd party provider such as OpenDNS snoops around or send traffic to ad servers. However, Google promises not to play with end users and send the exact response his or her computer expects without performing any blocking, filtering, or redirectionContinue reading

WOO HOO! Done exams!

It feels so good to be done Semester 1 Year 1 at QUT. I finally feel like I have accomplished something, and I feel like I accomplished a lot. Cryptology – learning the mathematics and concepts behind cryptography, the basis of information security techniques, technology, and protocols. Security – understanding the reasons to enforce securityContinue reading

Long time…

I has been nearly 6 1/2 months since I left Canada, and arrived half-way around the world in Brisbane, Australia. it has been several months that I have not posted something that wasn’t computer or humour related… not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m fine. There, does that satisfy? of course not =) I’mContinue reading

Primos en Brisbane

Having a blood-cousin in Australia is pretty cool. We met some weeks ago and went out for a few drinks. He likes Australia, and is studying to be a Chef, but is growing tired of working in a kitchen. In January, he plans to start school as a Mechanical Engineer. Good for him.