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The reason that beating Linux is the highest priority at Redmond is that unlike, Novell, Netscape, Corel, Lotus or any of Microsoft’s previous targets, there has been no obvious company to blow away, no means to starve the competition into submission. And, unlike these other targets, Microsoft is not winning. Linux has grown in influence,Continue reading


The only reason Microsoft software is the target of so many viruses is because it is so widely used! Why, if Linux or Mac OS X was as popular as Windows, there would be just as many viruses written for those platforms! Do YOU agree with this statement? This article at TheRegister tries to disproveContinue reading


RAID – redundant array of inexpensive/independent disks What a tricky little thing it is, especially the non-Hardware variety (i.e. a dedicated RAID controller card via PCI bus or PCI-e bus). These are some of the things I think I know about RAID in GNU: BIOS RAID (a.k.a. fakeRAID) is built onto motherboards to please WindowsContinue reading


I am quite excited that things are going well in the computer business department. After all, I’ve had three clients so far, all pleased with my work. For $30/hr it is very affordable. I’m only working about 2-4 hours. They get everything they want for between $60-$120.

God of War

I’m pretty stoked about my PS2. I’ve been playing lots of very good games lately – especially some of the great classics. I don’t regret now having played these games before. I did other amazing things before. God of War was excellent. Lots of cool enemies, beautiful puzzles, cool landscapes, killer story line. Kratos isContinue reading


a very interesting thread. thank you to all. I have been able to see the point of view of GNU/Linux developers. Sometimes one forgets what ‘volunteerism’ really means, and the efforts that are expended and the sacrifises endured for the good of the ‘group’ THANK YOU!! Also, I do believe that gnu is very powerfulContinue reading

who contributes to linux?

This is the largest distributed software development project in the world. Since 2005, the number of active kernel developers has tripled, reflecting the rowing importance of Linux in the embedded systems, server, and desktop markets. Between 70 and 95 percent of those developers are being paid for their work, dispelling the “hobbyist” myth present fromContinue reading