Computer Forensics

I am presently working on an assigment I have due on Sunday. It involves located and recoving 9 illegal images from a 256 flash drive image. The image was passed through FTK (Forensics ToolKit) and about 6 images were recovered easily. Another one which took some effort, was only a duplicate of another one alreadyContinue reading

Taco Night

Ground turkey, green capsicums (green peppers in Aussie), tomatoes, cheese (in slices, not grater), tortillas (on sale). Probably the most delicious tacos I’ve had in a very long while. Took a while to clean up the dishes, but I felt as though I was home again. This time, though, there wasn’t anyone to join meContinue reading

Microsoft: Fined €9 million

Microsoft fined US$11.9 million. The fine, imposed by the German competition authority, the BundesKartellamt, came about after the body determined that Microsoft had illegally fixed prices with retailers for the Office Home and Student 2007 software suite. The product in question was heavily advertised in the autumn of 2008 in stationary retail outlets,” said theContinue reading

Happy for Microsoft

Have you ever seen Microsoft churning out so many fixes and new versions of classic products such as Office, Windows, and Internet Exploder? No! Because of the fact that they are finally facing serious competition in the marketplace after decades of monopoly abuse, they are finally buckling their shoes and putting out some impressive software.