Saturday night is Poker night

I’m having some people over on Saturday night for a social poker game. I already bought food and snacks, they were on sale last week. Since I couldn’t bring my own poker chips (they weight a tonne), I borrowed some from a friend, but they are only 100! Which means, if there are 10 people, only 10 chips each! Not even CLOSE to enough for a game. I might need 300 or so. I will see if I can buy then return, but that won’t be likely. i’ll just buy and keep very cheap ones. Cards aren’t a problem, I have my own Copags. Chairs could be an issue, but I’ll borrow from the downstairs neighbours just in case there aren’t enough.

Tomorrow is Two Months

I’ve been in Australia for two months now (came Dec 4th). So far things are going smoother than I could have expected. We found place to live rather quickly, although there are other suitable places, we didn’t want to spend more time & effort searching, inspecting, and filling out applications. This one was available, so we took it.

Another job offered me around $16/hr, including 4 weeks vacation (the norm around here), sick pay (normal as well), and a business car to drive around Brisbane. I told him “no” because i found another job requiring no quotas, hardly any major responsibilities, and $19/hr. I figured, for the 6-12 months that I will be working in Brisbane, I’ll take the $19/hr.

I submitted my application to OzTrekk yesterday. It should arrive there in about 2 weeks, and tomorrow I should find out how much time it will take before I will be notified of weather or not I got in.

Chatting with the folks Sunday should be a lot of fun. My webcam isn’t working (yet) with opensuse 11.1 (it worked with 11.0 so I don’t get it). I’ll get it sooner or later, but for now I might need to borough EVs laptop/webcam so I can skype my family back home.

Australia is suffereing some strange weather — hurricanes (called cyclones around the pacific), droughts in some parts, floods in others, fires. It is affecting crops, and prices at my store have been bouncing like yo-yo’s.

Mentally, I am focussed on working, earning some money, paying for my food/rent/etc. Nextly, I will look at P.R. (permanent residency) to see if I can take my Masters program as a domestic student (and pay 50% tuition)