Week 8

It’s week 8 now at Uni, out of 13 weeks in all. The pressure will come in around two weeks, I think. CCNA case study, CCNA practicals, Computer Forenics Project report (80% of my mark), 20% for Computer Forensic presentation, around 30-40% for surviving group attacks from Advanced Network Management (aka GNU Linux server management). All in all, a laid-back semester.

Heading out to Cairns on Saturday. Stoked! Going scuba diving.

“As the southern hemisphere turns…”

I can feel Brizzy getting colder now, as April begins to close. May will be stressful, with assignments and group work. Overall, this semester has been among my easiest. Reminds me of my final year as undergrad in Canada. I took French, Spanish, and Philosophy – what a breeze! Cairns coming up. Promise I’ll post up underwater pics 😉

Court Ruled that Novell is the copyright holder for UNIX

Today, the jury in the District Court of Utah trial between SCO Group and Novell issued a verdict.

Novell is very pleased with the jury’s decision confirming Novell’s ownership of the Unix copyrights, which SCO had asserted to own in its attack on Linux. Novell remains committed to promoting Linux, including by defending Linux on the intellectual property front.

This decision is good news for Novell, for Linux, and for the open source community.