Some long awaited updates

In case any noticed, I haven’t updated in a while. Quick hash of what’s been going on:

  • bought tickets to fly back home
  • crunch time at Uni, lots of assignments, and little time to do it in
  • lots of work, working 9-5 today, and 9-5 again Friday, half day Saturday, and also Sunday
  • Too much windows 7 has my brain in knots. Try to Alt + F2 to no avail. No konsole, no dig, no quick ssh tunneling, no built-in public key encryption support, no symmetric key encryption support, no zypper or yum, no composite window managers, no freedom to copy, modify, and redistribute
  • Sister got engaged! Having wedding in foreign country. Will cut costs of wedding my more than 50%.
  • Realised the Security is right for me. Takes hard work, dedication, constant learning, and a very delicate fusion of business goals, financial planning, project management, and technological solution to complex problems including data management, security, information availability, information integrity, and data confidentiality

Have a nice day =)