File Shredder

shredderTypically, when you ‘delete’ a file, you are only detaching the link from your filesystem to the actually binary data on the physical platters of your hard drive. The data aren’t really gone. The filesystem declares this space as ‘free’ or ‘available’, and so only goes away when that space is overwritten by new data.

If you’ve ever desire to truly delete a file, then download file shredder. It allows you you select and right click any file, and it automatically overrights them with random data, stuffs it full of zeros, and then deletes it. This prevents anyone from ever recovering that file with forensic software. Larger files take longer to shred, but are usually shredded in under 1 minute. If I coulf find the author’s email, I’d ask him/her to add a right-click to “shred all files in the recycle bin.”

Microsoft Windows™ 7 coming soon!

I’m not sure if you are aware, but Microsoft is releasing a new version of Vista named “Windows 7.” According to one report, they are releasing 20 exiting new variations of this new-and-improved operating system. Check it out!


Saturday night is Poker night

I’m having some people over on Saturday night for a social poker game. I already bought food and snacks, they were on sale last week. Since I couldn’t bring my own poker chips (they weight a tonne), I borrowed some from a friend, but they are only 100! Which means, if there are 10 people, only 10 chips each! Not even CLOSE to enough for a game. I might need 300 or so. I will see if I can buy then return, but that won’t be likely. i’ll just buy and keep very cheap ones. Cards aren’t a problem, I have my own Copags. Chairs could be an issue, but I’ll borrow from the downstairs neighbours just in case there aren’t enough.

Computer Forensics

I am presently working on an assigment I have due on Sunday. It involves located and recoving 9 illegal images from a 256 flash drive image. The image was passed through FTK (Forensics ToolKit) and about 6 images were recovered easily. Another one which took some effort, was only a duplicate of another one already discovered. One more was steganographically hidden, and using stegbreak I discovered the password PANDA. JpHS was used to open the image and separate the two images from each other revealing another illegal image. 8 in total, and I stuggle to find the last one.

Taco Night

Ground turkey, green capsicums (green peppers in Aussie), tomatoes, cheese (in slices, not grater), tortillas (on sale). Probably the most delicious tacos I’ve had in a very long while. Took a while to clean up the dishes, but I felt as though I was home again. This time, though, there wasn’t anyone to join me …

Microsoft: Fined €9 million

Microsoft fined US$11.9 million.

The fine, imposed by the German competition authority, the BundesKartellamt, came about after the body determined that Microsoft had illegally fixed prices with retailers for the Office Home and Student 2007 software suite.

The product in question was heavily advertised in the autumn of 2008 in stationary retail outlets,” said the BundesKartellamt in a statement.

Amongst others, a nationwide active retailer advertised the product with financial support from Microsoft. Even before the launch of the advertising campaign in mid-October 2008, employees of Microsoft and the retailer in question had agreed on at least two occasions on the resale price of the software package “Office Home & Student 2007”.

While it isn’t illegal for some contact to take place between the producer and retailer it is against German law for the seller to agree on future actions by the retailer.

Microsoft has accepted the fine and will pay it shortly.

Happy for Microsoft

Have you ever seen Microsoft churning out so many fixes and new versions of classic products such as Office, Windows, and Internet Exploder? No! Because of the fact that they are finally facing serious competition in the marketplace after decades of monopoly abuse, they are finally buckling their shoes and putting out some impressive software. Continue reading