Came across this little gem

The reason that beating Linux is the highest priority at Redmond is that unlike, Novell, Netscape, Corel, Lotus or any of Microsoft’s previous targets, there has been no obvious company to blow away, no means to starve the competition into submission. And, unlike these other targets, Microsoft is not winning. Linux has grown in influence, and things look to get worse, not better, for Microsoft in the short term.


The only reason Microsoft software is the target of so many viruses is because it is so widely used! Why, if Linux or Mac OS X was as popular as Windows, there would be just as many viruses written for those platforms!

Do YOU agree with this statement? This article at TheRegister tries to disprove that ‘myth’.

I’ve had this conversation with many people. The point I try to make, is that Microsoft and other HW and SW vendors rub each others backs, and make millions for unsuspecting losers clamoring for the latest anti-virus update, or newest $60 cd/dvd burning software. HW and SW vendors put cute Windows Vista Capable stickers on everything they sell (read: routers, switches, and mice). Microsoft creates a shoddy O.S. so that others can profit from covering up the cracks, gaps, and holes.